Why wordpress is my preferred CMS of choice

When it comes to website development. You’ll find yourself with a myriad of choices to choose from and most websites have different requirements they need to achieve. Is the site meant to be a blog, e-commerce site or a portfolio site? Do you go with vue, angular, static html, drupal or something else? In the end. It comes down to personal preference. And when it comes to CMS’. My personal preference is wordpress. WordPress because it has a large support community around it. Allows for overall ease of development. Site content can be easily created and managed by someone with little to no experience. And it frees up my client/s from having to come to me every time they have a change.

Community support and ease of development

The biggest draws of wordpress are it’s vast support community and ease of development. The large support community wordpress has around is nice because it gives you a place to turn to when you run into trouble. As for ease of development. I’ve built a framework over the years that allows me to have a base project set-up and running with a few simple commands. I’ve also built this framework to be handed off to any other developer. Who then should be able to get it up and running rather easily. So if I’m just brought on to handle over flow for your business or, god forbid, things don’t work out. The project files you will receive from me shouldn’t give you much trouble.

Content management and changes

In regards to content management. WordPress makes it just about as easy as it could be. Which allows me to develop my sites to allow for ease of use when it comes to creating and editing content. Anyone can login, with little or no training, to create and edit content themselves. This also frees you from having to come to me for every little thing you want to change on your site. Yeah, I might be giving up some money by not being able to bill for those changes, but I’d rather spend my time on the larger items you need my attention on.


If you’ve been following e-commerce in the news this year. You’ll know that 2020 has sped up the penetration of e-commerce by leaps and bounds. Enter woocommerce. Woocommerce is an e-commerce plugin that is easily customizable, more customizable than shopify in my opinion, and you don’t have to shell out a monthly fee. You just the transaction fee for what ever cc payment vendor you go with, which is typically between 2-3% and ~.50ยข.


So if you’re looking a web developer to help out on a project, don’t hesitate to reach out. Or just find yourself new to web development. I hope you found this article helpful.