Why I’m not worried about AI coming for my job. Yet.

Over the past few years. AI has started to gain more and more traction. Now it’s having it’s big moment where people are rushing to make their mark with the technology. We saw the same moment with cryptocurrency back in 2017 and web 3.0 back in 2021/2022. It’s the shiny new toy that everyone is enamored with. And as with both cryptocurrency and web 3.0. That luster will eventually fade and wear off with AI becoming another part of our world. Now I’m not saying AI doesn’t have it’s benefits and won’t be useful, it will. It’s just not going to be in the way that people think.

Yeah. AI generated content is great and you can save a bunch of time by having a platform like ChatGPT do the heavy lifting on things, but in most cases. You’ll need someone in the end to put all those pieces together and ensure that it’s outputting the desired result. If a doctor has ChatGPT write an insurance referral note. They’ll need to give it a once over to ensure what ChatGPT has put into that note is in line with what the doctor needs. If you’re a strategist or copywriter. You’ll need to make sure the tone of your content stays the same throughout what ever project you’re working on or within brand guidelines. Or in my case. I can have ChatGPT output blocks of code for what I’m working on, but I’ll still have to test what every ChatGPT gives to make sure it works as intended.

The biggest thing that AI won’t be able to overcome is dealing with clients and people in general. People are human after all and may not know how to communicate what they want or even know what they want and that’s a big hurdle in AI. That’s a big hurdle for AI because everything is prompt based and if you don’t necessarily know what you want or how to put what you’re thinking into a prompt. You’ll be stuck in a place that AI will be generating things you don’t like or don’t work for what you’re looking for.

Now am I saying that AI will stay at this point forever. Of course not. AI is just having it’s moment in the spotlight and we have to deal with people banging their pots and pans until the fervor dies down. People also tend to fear what they don’t understand, but as that fervor and fear goes away. People will start to understand how it will really effect our lives going forward and how to work with it going forward and it will end up being more of a tool that everyone will have to learn how to work with vs replacing everyone.