Updating WordPress Sites as a Service

With the retirement of PHP 7 late last year. Your WordPress site could be open to attack if your server is still running PHP 7 as the team that develops PHP is no longer supporting updates of any kind, security updates included, to PHP 7, which opens your site to attack by others that have ill intent. Now if you’re reading this and your site is built using WordPress and it’s been a couple years since you’ve worked with a developer to update anything or updated your theme yourself. The chances are pretty good that you’re server is running on on PHP 7. If that is the case. Here are two options that you can take to help prevent exposing your site to unnecessary security risks.

If you’re using a prebuilt theme

A prebuilt theme is a theme that is bought from a site, like ThemeForest, and you created content around the pre-built layouts that are available within the theme itself. If you’re running a prebuilt theme on your site and didn’t work with a developer. I would suggest updating two things. First would be updating the prebuilt theme that you purchased as the most current version should work with either PHP 7 or 8. Second would be updating the version of PHP on your server. If you’re using a WordPress service through a company like dreamhost or wpengine. You should be able to find out how to do both with some some slight googling.

If someone built your site

Now if you worked with someone to help build your site. They could’ve gone one of two routes. First would be the route above where they found a prebuilt theme and helped you determine which layouts work and how to flow in content. If that’s the case. Proceed with the two steps above to update your site to PHP 8. If, however, they built you a custom WordPress theme and you’re no longer in contact with them. That’s a little more complicated. It’s a bit more complicated to update as you may not have the necessary skills to update the code within the custom built theme. That’s where I come in.

I have the experience and skills that can help you update your WordPress theme to the most current version of both WordPress and PHP to reduce your exposure to security risks and from the issues that I’ve seen popup with updating previous projects I’ve worked on from PHP 7 to PHP 8. The fixes tend to be relatively minor and not that big of an issue to correct.

So if you’re looking for some help

So if you find yourself in a position where you need some help updating your WordPress site. Feel free to email at zach@zachcharbel.com or give me a call at (614) 706-7748 and we can discuss the needs you have and see if I’d be a good fit to help out.