So it’s our first project together. Where do we go from here?

So, we’ve agreed that there’s a project you have that needs a developer and it’s looking like I can fit that bill. Here are next steps and what you can expect from me when we are at that point.


The first thing we need to discuss is timeline. That’s so I can figure out if your project will fit into what else I have going on. And yes, I know that timelines are fluid and can change, but starting somewhere is better than nowhere.

Fixed price or Hourly Pricing

Historically most of my projects have fallen into two categories for pricing. Hourly, which is more along the lines of a retainer fee, you need some dev help with project overflow, but don’t know on what, etc., and fixed fee, which is when you have enough defined on a project I can give a rather accurate price up front. Of the two. I prefer fixed fee because we have a price coming out of the gate and you have an idea of what this project will cost vs. having to go hourly, which could be more than the fixed price cost.


Once agreed on pricing structure. I will provide an estimate that will need to be signed off on before any work can begin. This helps determine if the cost is something you will be able to do and any negotiation price will go on during this period. And while I’m willing to negotiate on price, I’m not willing to work for cheap.

Estimates are +/- 10%

On any estimate I provide. I give a margin of error of plus or minus ten percent that will be added or reduced at the time of final payment. This accounts for any changes that may come through after this estimate is accepted and anything over ten percent will trigger a change order, which will be added to the final payment.

Deposit (Fixed Fee Only)

Once a fixed fee estimate is accepted. I will require a deposit that is to be paid up front at the beginning of the project. The deposit will be based on a percentage that may vary from client to client. And while this invoice is due upon receipt. And I typically don’t mind getting started on a project before I receive payment within a reasonable time after the project is started.

What I need to get started

While every project is different. There are typically a few global files I need to get started:

Getting Down to Business

Once estimates have been signed and I have everything I need to get started. It’s a matter of just getting things done. And given every client has their own way/processes/etc. of getting things done. I rarely have an issue conforming to how you do things.

Project Completion

Once a project is completed. Any files will be handed over, if they need to or haven’t been and I will send through a final invoice that will be set at NET 30 payment.