My home office setup

With 2020 being a red letter year for remote working and working from home for the past five years myself. I’d figure I would share my home office setup. Below is a list of most of what I use in my day-to-day along with links for the specific things I have as well.

21.5″ Apple iMac

My main workhorse is a 2019 21.5″ Apple iMac. Before this I would always get a top of the line macbook pro, which runs almost double the price as the iMac I currently have. The kicker is, being a laptop. You typically need to replace those sooner than a desktop. Hence the switch. They do also make a 27″ if you feel the need for the screen space, but for my setup. It’s overkill. And if I need to travel somewhere. Check out the macbook pro I currently have down below.

LG 27″ External Monitor

The reason the 27″ iMac is overkill is because I have a 27″ in external monitor that serves as my main work screen. As for brand. Every TV and computer monitor I’ve bought in the past 15 years has been LG and I haven’t had a single issue with them.

External Monitor Mount

If your desk is at a premium for space. Having an external monitor mount will free up a rather good amount of space that your external monitors base used to free up.

Surge Protector Power Strip

You’re probably going to need a power strip regardless. So why not spend a little extra money in getting a power strip with a built in surge protector with having a rather good investment in things that will be plugged into it.

Ikea Desk

Now I don’t think they make the exact desk I bought anymore as it’s over 10 years old. I’ve linked to a comparable version. I like having a little bigger desk to allow for a bit more space.

Bookshelf Speakers

While my iMac does have built in speakers. I like something with a little better performance. Hence having a nice set of bookshelf speaker

USB Power Hub

There’s only so many USB ports that come with any given computer. So having an USB power hub is helpful to expand the number of USB based devices you can have plugged in at a given time.

Wireless Charger for Phone

Now you can always charge you phone via cord, but having a wireless charger available makes charging a snap.

Phone Holder

It’s something simple and minute, but it makes your phone that much more usable vs just throwing it down on your desk.

Vertical Mouse

If you’re on your computer all day as a good number of people are. A vertical mouse puts your wrist in a more natural position to help cut down on repetitive stress from using a normal mouse.

Desktop Calendar

Being self-employed gives you the fun job of doing everything. So to track projects, appointments and such. I find it helpful to have a desktop calendar that gives you your month at a glance and it’s always there vs. having to access an electronic calendar somewhere.


While a desktop calendar gives me a good overview to my day to day. A whiteboard gives me a good overview of any give projects I have on my plate at one time without having to pull up a website or spreadsheet on my computer.


While my iMac is my daily driver. I have a 13″ macbook pro for when I go into client’s offices or for when I go out of town for extended periods of time.

Office Decor

It’s always nicer in any office space when you can give it a personal touch. This always varies person to person and in my case I have a decent amount of space exploration decor, along with other knickknacks as well.