Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I can work onsite, but if the project is going under initial development, I am more productive working from my home office. Once we get to where things are more shored up and questions need to be asked, onsite would be more beneficial.

Hourly rates can change from time to time. So if you’re interested, please contact me at for more info.

More times than not, I typically charge a flat fee per project. That way everyone knows the price of the project up front.

Yes, I typically require a 30% deposit at the beginning of the project. With the rest being billed at the end of the project.

The original design files, whether they are built in photoshop, illustrator, sketch or Adobe XD. That way I won’t need to keep coming back to you to ask for specific items. And depending on the project I’ll need a few other things as well.

You can always ask if you aren’t seeing something on my site. I try my best to keep my skills listed here up-to-date, but things can get busy.

This all depends on the size of the project you have as projects vary in size.

Typically I build my websites around WordPress, but this can depend on two things. If the ask is specifically for a static website or if your budget doesn’t allow for CMS integration.