9 times out of 10, I develop custom themes for wordpress projects. As bending and molding a pre-built theme to your needs takes just as long and cost just as much.

Typically I build my websites around WordPress, but this can depend on two things. If the ask is specifically for a static website or if your budget doesn’t allow for CMS integration.

Turn around time on a project depends on a few things. Such as project size and if I have other projects going on.

You can always ask if you aren’t seeing something on my site. I try my best to keep my skills listed here up-to-date, but things can get busy.

The original design files (I can work in most programs), fonts, UX notes/documents and sitemap. And depending on the project I’ll need a few other things as well.

Yes, if the project is a fixed fee project. I require a 30% deposit before any development begins.

No, if I come in under budget I will adjust my estimate accordingly.

Hourly rates can change from time to time. So if you’re interested, please contact me at zach@zachcharbel.com for more info.

Yes, I can work onsite, but if the project is going under initial development, I am more productive working from my home office. Once we get to where things are more shored up and questions need to be asked, onsite would be more beneficial.