Automate and streamline processes where you can

Every project you do. There’s undoubtedly tasks that are common between them and you have to set them up on each project. Being a web developer focusing mainly on WordPress. Each project has a base framework I’ve created and refined over the years. This way, each time I start a new WordPress project. I just have to copy the framework. Update a handful of variables and lines of code that are project dependent/specific and within 10 minutes. I have a project setup and ready to roll with a base custom WordPress theme, all my standard plugins I use installed and a database setup with some base example content. While this example is specific to what I do. There are some huge benefits in general to doing things like.

The biggest thing automating and streamline processes where you can is the time savings. Yeah it may only save five minutes here and five minutes there, but over the lifetime of the process. It’ll save you a ton of hours you can use for something else. It will also help eliminate errors in doing monotonous tasks by hand.

Another is helping standardize things across your organization. Yeah, people will put their own spin on anything you standardize, but if everyone is working from the same base project, spreadsheet, document, whatever else it may be. You can help guarantee that everyone is starting each project from the same place. This is especially important if you are looking to scale up your work load and if you choose to bring on employees.

In the end. Automating and streamlining processes where you can can have a huge benefit. Whether it’s saving you time. Bringing everyone onto the same page. Or you’re looking to grow your business or team. The more you can. The better off you’ll be.